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PostPro Chemical Vapor Smoothing is a cutting-edge technology that automatically refines and seals the surfaces of polymer parts produced through 3D printing. This process results in a surface finish that is comparable to that of injection-molded parts in both appearance and texture.
This technology is capable of smoothing even intricate geometries and internal cavities of thermoplastic parts without compromising their mechanical properties, thanks to its non-line-of-sight nature. In addition, PostPro Chemical Vapor Smoothing is certified by UL and CE and is highly recommended by the most prominent players in the additive manufacturing industry.

Before and After Postpro


Features and Benefits

- Improves the part's mechanical properties by
removing surface porosity

- The smooth surface is a seal against liquid and gas intake,
which makes the parts air and watertight

- The color of the prints is enhanced which prevents pigments
and dyes from bleeding

- Parts are more sanitary because they have an easy-to-clean
surface which reduces bacteria growth and attachment

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